Distance Learning Expectations

September 28, 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience and support in our implementation of distance learning. Let us begin by telling you that we miss your children dearly.  We are eager to get them back in school as soon as we can safely do that.  Their safety and the safety of all staff and community members is a priority.  We are fully sympathetic to the fact that distance learning is new to students, parents and staff.  In addition, we recognize that distance learning is not necessarily the best instructional model for all students.  However, we are working diligently with teachers to ensure that they are supporting you and your child in the best possible way to be successful in this unprecedented time in history. We also want to make sure that you have all the information needed to ensure your child is successful.  

We are writing to clarify expectations for attendance, assignments, promotion, and cyber etiquette. We want to make sure that expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic are clear so there are no surprises. Given that there may still  be questions since the expectations were unclear in the spring due to the abrupt shutdown of schools, we wanted to provide clear expectations during this school year. 


  • Attendance is taken daily

  • Students must attend every class everyday

  • Students not attending are at-risk of not meeting grade level standards

  • SARB-students missing 10% or more can go through SARB


  • Classwork and homework are assigned daily and need to be completed by the deadlines that teachers provide

  • Grades will be issued this year and students can receive failing grades

  • Our 8th grade students are at risk of not being promoted for receiving failing grades

  • Please take the time to review your student’s assignments for the week and ensure that they are being completed.  

Cyber Etiquette: 

  • Any assignments, searches, and communication on district issued computers are viewable by district and Blackstock administrators

  • Please be sure students are using their devices only for educational purposes  

  • Blackstock administrators receive notification if devices are used inappropriately 

We have had the privilege of providing our students with the technology tools needed for distance learning to work. Fortunately, teachers can continue providing instruction without interruption and students are able to complete and submit assignments.  As we continue to strive towards excellence, ensuring that our students rise to the occasion is a non-negotiable.  If you or your child are in need of counseling we have counselors that can support you in many ways. We have no doubt we will get through this together.  

We are proud of the work and dedication that everyone has exhibited through this unprecedented time. We know that without parental support, our distance learning plan would not be successful. You continue to work hard to support our teachers as they work with your child to be academically successful.  So,We want to say THANK YOU!

We hope this information is helpful.  Please continue to reach out to your child’s teacher or Blackstock administration if you still have questions. We are here to support you and will continue to do our best. 


The Blackstock Administrative Team